TigsTown Transaction Blog: Aussie SS Signed

Can Sayers make the big leagues like Thomas?

Stay current with all the roster movement and personnel decisions with the TigsTown Transaction Blog. A new 16-year old Australian shortstop will be joining the system this summer and corner infielder Cesar Nicolas returns from suspension.


Signed Aaron Sayers (SS)

Activated Cesar Nicolas (1B) from the suspended list

Placed Clay Timpner (OF) on the 7-day DL (right leg)

Analysis: Nicolas was suspended 50 games last year for violating minor league baseball's performance enhancing drug policy, and his return should give Toledo some depth on the infield corners

Sayers is a 16-year old Australian shortstop that won't turn 17 until late May TigsTown is still working on a scouting report and what the Tigers plans are for him in 2011

Posted by Mark, 04/28/11


Placed Jeff Ferrell (RHP) on the 7-day DL (elbow)

Re-assigned Brennan Smith (RHP) from EST to West Michigan

Analysis: Ferrell's injury was described as "soreness" in his right elbow, putting on the DL as a precaution Additional information may not be available for a little while Brennan Smith was close to making the West Michigan roster right out of the gates and he'll get his chance to make a mark now as he is on his way to the Midwest League with the roster opening

Posted by Mark, 04/27/11


Placed Danny Worth (INF) on the 7-day DL (hamstring)

Re-assigned Bryan Pounds (3B) from Erie to Toledo

Activated Rawley Bishop (1B) from the 7-day DL (knee)

Analysis: Hamstring injuries can be tricky at times, so Worth will have to monitored closely as he starts baseball activities again, to make sure he doesn't re-aggravate the injury Bryan Pounds has been pounding the ball in Erie and the promotion makes sense for a guy playing really well right now The best news in all of this is that Rawley Bishop's knee injury was as minor as first thought, as he should be back on the field in Erie's next game

Posted by Mark, 04/24/11


Placed Drew Smyly (LHP) on the 7-day DL (left arm)

Re-assigned Nate Newman (RHP) from EST to Lakeland

Analysis: Early word out of Lakeland indicates that the Tigers don't truly know what's wrong with Smyly at this time He has a sore left arm and he's been shut down as they try to diagnose the problem Smyly was expected to move quickly through the system and this could cloud that path

Posted by Mark, 04/23/11


Activated Ryan Perry (RHP) from the 15-day DL (eye)

Outrighted Enrique Gonzalez (RHP) to Toledo

Re-assigned Ramon Garcia (LHP) from Toledo to Erie

Placed Cory Hamilton (RHP) on the 7-day DL (right wrist)

Analysis: Perry is returning from an infected eye that forced him to the DL a little while ago, and the hope is that he is now ready to pitch more like he is capable of pitching to help shore up a shaky bullpen Gonzalez had been the equivalent of a gas can early in the year in Detroit, and its no great shock that he's cleared waivers already

Update: Hamilton heads to the DL with a deep bone bruise to his right wrist after being struck by a line drive back up the middle In speaking with him, he said the guys charting the game logged the exit velocity off the bat at about 102 mph X-rays did not show any breaks in the wrist

Posted by Mark, 04/20/11


Purchased the contract of Omir Santos (C)

Transferred Joel Zumaya (RHP) from the 15-day to the 60-day DL

Activated Max St Pierre (C) from the Temporarily Inactive List

Placed Victor Martinez (C) on the 15-day DL (groin)

Re-assigned Ryan Soares (INF) from Lakeland to EST

Re-assigned Zach Samuels (RHP) from EST to Lakeland

Placed Shawn Teufel (LHP) on the 7-day DL (oblique)

Re-assigned Jay Voss (LHP) from EST to Lakeland

Placed William Bergolla (2B) on the 7-day DL (finger)

Re-assigned Ryan Soares (INF) from EST to Lakeland

Analysis: With Victor Martinez dealing with an injured groin and unable to catch, the Tigers were forced to add Omir Santos to the roster as the backup catcher to Alex Avila The moves on the Lakeland roster are relatively minor and of little impact to the squad, but it does put the roster in flux early in the year

Posted by Mark, 04/19/11


Activated Omir Santos (C) from the 7-day DL (foot)

Re-assigned Jeff Kunkel (C) from Toledo to Erie

Re-assigned Billy Alvino (C) from Erie to EST (Connecticut)

Activated Billy Nowlin (1B) from the 7-day DL (concussion)

Re-assigned James Meador (1B) from West Michigan to EST (Connecticut)

Analysis: Santos actually returns to the Toledo lineup a little ahead of schedule and should provide a nice alternative to John Murrian behind the plate, largely for his potential offensive contributions Kunkel and Alvino were the guys moving up when Max St Pierre went on the Temporary Inactive List, and their move back down the ladder was expected Nowlin has not had any lingering effects from the concussion he suffered after being hit by a pitch at the end of spring training, and if he can swing the bat like he did in 2009 at West Michigan, he will be a welcome addition to the middle of the order

Posted by Mark, 04/15/11


Placed Rawley Bishop (1B) on the 7-day DL (left knee)

Re-assigned Shawn Roof (INF) from Lakeland to Erie

Re-assigned Ryan Soares (SS/2B) from EST to Lakeland

Analysis: Rawley Bishop injured his leg sliding into second base over the weekend The club has given no indication as to the severity of the injury Shawn Roof moves up to Erie to replace him, and Ryan Soares back-fills Roof on Lakeland's bench

Posted by Mark, 04/10/11


Placed Ryan Perry (RHP) on the 15-day DL (infected eye)

Recalled Robbie Weinhardt (RHP) from Toledo

Re-assigned Matt Hoffman (LHP) from Erie to Toledo

Re-assigned Matt Little (RHP) from Lakeland to Erie

Re-assigned Jordan Pratt (RHP) from West Michigan to Lakeland

Re-assigned Richard Zumaya (RHP) from EST to West Michigan

Analysis: Perry's placement on the DL is retroactive to April 5th, making him eligible to be recalled on the 20th Weinhardt was close to making the big league roster on Opening Day, and he should be a solid fill-in for Perry

Posted by Mark, 04/07/11


Re-assigned Rob Waite (RHP) from Lakeland to Erie

Re-assigned Shawn Teufel (LHP) from West Michigan to Lakeland

Re-assigned Michael Torrealba (RHP) from Lakeland to West Michigan

Assigned Dan Gentzler (RHP) to Lakeland

Placed Max St Pierre (C) on the Temporary Inactive List (Toledo)

Re-assigned Jeff Kunkel (C) from Erie to Toledo

Re-assigned Billy Alvino (C) from EST to Erie

Signed Angel Vazquez (RHP)

Released Julio Guilarte (RHP)

Released Aldo Navia (OF)

Released Leonel Vasquez (RHP)

Analysis: The moves of Waite and Teufel are a result of Jose Ortega hitting the DL with a non-arm related injury in Toledo, and the subsequent Zach Simons promotion Moving Torrealba down should get him higher leverage innings Gentzler's move to Lakeland is a bit surprising, but could be temporary as they wait for someone else to be ready; possibly the return of an injured arm

None of the releases from the DSL and VSL squads is all that surprising, though some scouts thought Vasquez had enough upside out of the bullpen to be at least become interesting

Posted by Mark, 04/05/11


Acquired Pedro Perez (RHP) from the Boston Red Sox as the PTBNL in the trade for Brent Dlugach (SS)

Placed Jose Ortega (RHP) on the 7-day DL

Re-assigned Zach Simons (RHP) from Erie to Toledo

Analysis: Perez is a pretty typical right-hander He has an average fastball that can get higher in short stints He profiles more as a reliever, but really only one with a 6th/7th inning ceiling

Ortega's injury is not considered serious and is not related to his high-powered right arm Simons is the logical choice to go to Toledo, as he has nothing left to prove in Erie

Posted by Mark, 04/03/11


Optioned Danny Worth (IF) to Toledo

Re-assigned Adam Wilk (LHP) and Andy Dirks (OF) to minor league camp

Analysis: The final three cuts, as expected and projected by TigsTown, set the Tigers opening day roster While the organization and manager Jim Leyland like Worth, there wasn't room for another utility infielder Wilk meanwhile impressed many but questions persist about his stuff and lack of velocity Finally, Dirks played his way into the conversation, but not being on the 40 man roster gave the competition a leg up and a slump to close the season sealed it

Posted by Wez, 03/26/11


Released Scot Drucker (RHP)

Released John Bale (LHP)

Released Matt Mansilla (OF)

Released Chris White (OF)

Released Brandon Tripp (OF)

Released Pat McKenna (2B)

Released Wilfredo Ramirez (LHP)

Released Kyle Bloom (LHP)

Released Yadiel Polanco (RHP)

Released Ariel Medina (RHP)

Andy Bouchie (C) retired

Analysis: All of the released players have been sitting on the bubble since the start of camp Drucker's late signing had some believing he had a line on a bullpen spot, btu the upper level pitching staffs are very crowded this year This round of cuts starts to bring the minor league rosters into focus

Posted by Mark, 03/25/11


Optioned Robbie Weinhardt (RHP), Scott Sizemore (2B) and Clete Thomas (OF) to Toledo

Re-assigned Max St Pierre (C) and Fu-Te Ni (LHP) to minor league camp

Analysis: Color just about everyone shocked on a couple of these moves, given as recently as a week ago Sizemore seemed to be the runaway favorite to win the second base job, meanwhile Robbie Weinhardt seemed a lock for a bullpen spot, given his sub-three ERA over nine games St Pierre was only a matter of time, while both Thomas and Ni appeared to be on the outside looking in for roster spots But the moves of both Sizemore and Weinhardt seem to be questionable at best, and scream of yet another questionable Jim Leyland roster move

Posted by: Wez, 03/22/11


Released Josh Rainwater (RHP)

Released Miguel Mejia (RHP)

Released Jon Kibler (LHP)

Released Kody Kaiser (OF)

Released Alden Carrithers (OF)

Released Alexis Nunez

Released Max Leon (UT)

Kyle Peter (OF) Retired

Analysis: Nothing too shocking in the first significant cut of the spring Kody Kaiser may raise some eyebrows, but he had little room for advancement in the system, and this way he is afforded an opportunity to catch on elsewhere Kyle Peter always had the blazing speed and batting eye, but never had any other significant tools It's been a long fall for Kibler after a dominating stretch with West Michigan a couple of years ago, to being released today He's now another cautionary tale in expecting too much from college pitchers that dominate in the Midwest League

Posted by: Mark, 03/21/11


Re-assigned Argenis Diaz (IF) and Scott Thorman (1B) to minor league camp

Optioned Charlie Furbush (LHP) and Al Albuquerque (RHP) to Toledo

Analysis: The two infielders are no surprise as both were in camp for depth and insurance purposes Furbush and Albuquerque were both thought to be competing for a job in the bullpen, however Albuquerque struggled with his control while Furbush is still viewed as a starting candidate and will get that opportunity in the minors

Posted by: Wez, 03/19/11


Re-assigned Brendan Wise (RHP) to minor league camp

Analysis: Wise was a long shot for the Opening Day roster, so it is no surprise he's headed to minor league camp at this point He's a sinker-slider guy that can induce ground balls and should have a 6th/7th inning profile He could see Detroit this year if an opening arises

Posted by: Mark, 03/16/11


Optioned Duane Below (LHP), Andy Oliver (LHP) Lester Oliveros (RHP), Jose Ortega (RHP), Audy Ciriaco (3B), Cale Iorg (SS), and Ryan Strieby (1B) to Toledo

Optioned Jacob Turner (RHP) to Erie

Assigned Chris Oxspring (RHP), Rob Brantly (C), Brandon Douglas (2B), Avisail Garcia (OF), Ben Guez (OF), Bryan Holaday (C), Patrick Leyland (C), John Murrian (C), Omir Santos (C), and John Bale (LHP) to minor league camp

Analysis: No surprises in this round of moves, as all of the players listed above were expected to start in the minor leagues The only player that actually had a shot to head north with the big club was right-hander Chris Oxspring, but he had some high hurdles to overcome to make the roster

Posted by: Mark, 03/15/11


Signed Cruz Cedeno (RHP)

Brandon Hamilton (RHP) retired

Lance Baxter (LHP) retired

Released Pete Miller (INF)

Released Robinson Figueroa (RHP/OF)

Released Ernesto Martes (1B)

Analysis: The is the second time in two years that Hamilton has left baseball, and you have to believe this is the end of the road The Tigers were prepared to let him just go out and chuck it this year and see if he got back to having fun and if he developed, but in the end, baseball just isn't in the cards for Hamilton any longer Baxter left part way through the summer to deal with some family issues, and has now called it a career after only a few outings in the NYPL According to most that saw him last year, the stuff never showed up after a long college season and he was a non-prospect Miller was signed in part to help fill out the GCL roster and his departure is not unexpected The Tigers had been trying some last ditch efforts with Figueroa after his bat never showed any life in the DSL They had moved him to the mound last summer in hopes that his raw arm strength would translate, but the writing was on the wall when he was destined to be the fifth outfielder in the DSL Martes has had some injury issues that have held him back and the bat that showed some potential as an amateur never took the necessary steps forward as a pro

Posted by: Mark, 03/09/11


Signed Adrian Paniagua (RHP)

Signed Junior Camaripano (LHP)

Signed Sergio Beriguete (RHP)

Analysis: The Beriguete signing hasn't been made official by the organization but several sources have confirmed that the deal is pending MLB approval He is a projectable right-hander with solid stuff and some projection for more velocity down the road Paniagua will turn 20 this May and his massive 6-foot-5 frame can get his fastball up to 90 mph at times He has feel for a sharp curveball and continues to work on a change-up Camaripano turned 17 in December and though the lefty lacks present velocity, he has good command of his fastball and a breaking ball that already flashes as an above-average pitch at times according to scouts Paniagua and Beriguete are expected to debut in the DSL, while Camaripano should start his career in the VSL

Posted by: Mark, 02/16/11


Traded Armando Galarraga (RHP) to Arizona for Kevin Eichorn (RHP) and Ryan Robowski (LHP)

Analysis: After being DFA'd last week, the trade of Galarraga brings his Tiger career to a close Arizona will pick up all of Galarraga's $2 3 million 2011 salary The return for the Tigers includes two fringy prospect that profile as bullpen arms at best Eichorn has great makeup and pitchability, but lacks the raw stuff to project in an MLB rotation Robowski could have LOOGY potential with a fringe-average fastball and solid slider

Posted by: Mark, 01/24/11


Designated Armando Galarraga (RHP) for assignment

Analysis: Shortly after avoiding arbitration by signing him to a one-year deal for $2 3 million, the Tigers designated Galarraga for assignment, effectively ending his run with the Tigers They will be responsible for paying him for one-sixth of his current salary, but as it is a non-guaranteed contract, they won't be on the hook for the rest The organization now has ten days to either trade, release or assign him to a minor league team Stay tuned to TigsTown for the latest

UPDATE: According to general manager Dave Dombrowski, the team will attempt to trade Galarraga to a team in need of someone for their rotation The move was purely a baseball decision, and the need to sign Galarraga first before designating him was procedural

Posted by: Wez, 01/18/11


Signed Mariano Gomez (LHP)

Signed William Bergolla (2B)

Signed Victor Moreno (RHP)

Signed Josh Rainwater (RHP)

Signed Timo Perez (OF)

Released Raul Leiva (1B/C)

Signed Joel Zumaya (RHP) to a one-year contract

Analysis: A lot of depth signings by the Tigers, particularly to get them through the early weeks of spring training With Brandon Douglas, Will Rhymes, Scott Sizemore, and Danny Worth all in big league camp, the Tigers need somebody to eat ABs and innings at second base in the upper level minor league games, and Bergolla can do just that Timo Perez will help with outfield and DH at-bats in minor league camp while Andy Dirks, Clete Thomas, Casper Wells, Ben Guez, and Brennan Boesch play across the parking lot Depending how the rosters shake out in the spring, he could land himself a job as a classic professional hitter in Toledo Rainwater returns to the club, and he'll have as good a shot as anyone to find a bullpen role in Erie or Toledo, and the same applies to Mariano Gomez and Victor Moreno Gomez is the most intriguing of the trio as a lefty with solid stuff and experience

Posted by: Mark, 01/14/11


Signed Ryan Raburn (OF) to a two-year contract

Analysis: Raburn's contract status wasn't really in doubt, but the Tigers went the extra mile to ink him for both the 2011 and 2012 seasons The deal does avoid a one-year arbitration deal, and demonstrates a bit more of a commitment to him as their left fielder for the next couple of years

Posted by: Mark, 01/12/11


Signed Brad Penny (RHP)

Analysis: The Tigers finally made a move that many fans were asking for, inking another starter to help provide some depth at the back of the rotation Penny's deal is a one-year contract with a base salary of $3 million, and up to $3 million more in incentives Given his contract, it is likely Penny will be in the rotation on Opening Day, and likely at the expense of Armando Galarraga's spot in the rotation

Posted by: Mark, 01/11/11

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