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Is Ausmus the Problem for the Bullpen?

Is Ausmus causing more problems in the pen?

The Tigers are a good team with flaws playing in a division they should be able to handle. Their biggest weakness is their relief corps and if the Tigers are going to contend in October, things need to get better. A lot of that is a matter of acquiring better pitchers, but some of it is how they’re deployed. Could the Tigers improve if manager Brad Ausmus used his weapons properly?

This is always such a challenging question to answer for two reasons. The first is that no manager is actually going to use his relievers to their maximum efficiency because the culture of the sport fights against it. Arbitration, and to a lesser extent free agency, pays pitchers for pitching the ninth inning with a one to three run lead. There’s no logic to it at all, but that’s the incentive... Recommended Stories