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TigsTown MLN: Draft Predictions Part II

Round 6-10 Predictions

If there is one thing all fans like to do, it's to predict things. Whether it's the outcome of the game, or who may be the next call up from the minor leagues, it's just human nature to take a guess at what might happen. This article is no different, but I wanted to do this on a slightly larger scale with regards to the draft. I offer my selections as to whom the Tigers may select with their picks in the first 10 rounds of the draft.

Note: The first five selections are featured in last week's draft notebook, which you can read it here, picks six through ten are below. This is all speculation on my part and will likely vary from other people's opinions on these players, but this will also provide a glimpse as to where the draft's strengths and weaknesses lie, so without any further ado, here are my round-by-round selections... Recommended Stories

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