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Pitch f/x: Verlander and Jackson

Jackson possesses a mid 90s fastball

With the acquisition of Edwin Jackson the Tigers now have two of the hardest throwing starters in the league. Jackson joins Justin Verlander and both feature mid 90's four seam fastballs. But that is the main feature that these two pitchers have in common, and with data derived from a technology called pitch f/x we can take a deeper look at their respective repertoires.

At the end of the 2006 season Major League Baseball installed new technology that traced the flight of the ball from the pitcher to the catcher. It functions by triangulating cameras that focus on an area just in front of the pitcher's mound. The cameras pick up the release of the ball at a spot that is 50 feet in front of the front edge of home plate. The cameras and system combine to measure the... Recommended Stories

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