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Do the Detroit Tigers Have a Streaky Offense?

Has Martinez contributed to a streaky offense?

The Tigers have had a rough few weeks. Earlier in the season, they had a rough month. The Tigers seem to be prone to prolonged funks, even if their overall performance looks just fine. They’re a streaky team - particularly a streaky offense. Except they’re not. It may seem like the Tigers offense is less consistent than others, but a dive into the data shows otherwise.

Some of the team’s flaws are obvious. They can’t play defense, they’re ugly on the bases, and the bullpen stinks. The starting pitching, when healthy, has been superb and the overall offensive production has been great. The Tigers are losing games because of defense, baserunning, and relief pitching and they’re winning because of starting pitching and offense. But the offense is a pretty big topic... Recommended Stories

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